The #1 Candlestick Pattern That Helps

Investors Identify Bottoms, Tops, and Strong Trends

Wally Olopade

'Right Side Trading'

Chief Technical Strategist

Top 3 Candlesticks

For Any Market

  • The # 1 Candlestick For Market Bottoms: this pattern appears at the bottom of multiple market corrections and bottoms including the dotcom crash, the financial crisis of 2008 and more

  • The #1 Candlestick Topping Pattern: that warns investor of a bubble that is beginning to pop and a crash that is well underway, no more guessing, hoping or wishing. End the confusion

  • The #1 Candlestick For Strong Trends: that lets investors know a strong bullish trend is about to begin. No more sitting on the sidelines watching big trends in amazement.



by Wally Olopade at 'Right Side Trading'


TUESDAY - JULY 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern

Join Wally Olopade, the Chief Technical Strategist of Right Side Trading who called both the bear market three weeks before the corona virus bear market and also called the the March 23 2020 market bottom as he teaches how to identify the bottoms of market crashes and corrections. 


Too often investors are bombarded with news of a bubble or a market crash.  But when was the last time we hear news of a bottom as it is happening?  Most commentaries about a bottoms are ladened with question marks at best and happens only in hindsight.  


On March 23 2020, when almost nobody saw any signs of hope for a bottom talk less of a bull market, Wally pointed out the technical information that clearly sounded the alarm that the bottom had been put in and recommended buying stocks immediately.  

In this Special Candlestick Summit, you'll learn:

  • This candlestick pattern appeared at the bottom of multiple market corrections and bottoms including the dotcom crash and the financial crisis of 2008 and more

  • What this pattern is saying about the current market condition in 2020 and where the market is headed, no more guessing, doubt, wondering or being confused.

  • How to use certain technical analysis information to identify tops and bottoms  and navigate through bull or bear market trends without getting derailed by news and noise 

Since the bottoms of March 23 2020 this bull market has been coined the greatest 50 day bull market in history.  This isn't the first time Wally has pinpointed the bottoms of crashes and corrections and in this Special Candlestick Summit Webinar, Wally is going to reveal the #1 candlestick pattern for tops, bottoms and trending markets that most investor are simply not aware of or completely ignore.

If you have found yourself saying one of the follow:

  • Why is the stock market rallying in this struggling economy

  • I missed the bottom in March 

  • I sat on the sidelines during the bullish trend 

  • I lost too much shorting the market in March, April and May of 2020

  • How can someone like me see bottoms like March 23 the next time around

Then this #1 candlestick pattern summit can help you. 


Join us live on Tuesday July 7th 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Questions?  Email us at info@rightsidetrading.com or call 813-302-9131