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  • Advanced Short Selling Secrets: In my Short Selling Secrets, you will learn how to identify the # 1 chart signal that warns of a stock getting ready to crash...BEFORE THE CRASH ACTUALLY HAPPENS. You will learn how to identify and also when to Short Sell Stocks that are ready to drop 40% to 90% or more. This very unique signal is frequently overlooked but it CLEARLY reveals the FINAL STAGES before THE BIG CRASH! This is the same signal that signaled the last stages of the market right before the Dot Com crash in 2003. It also appeared as a warning sign a few months right before the Financial market crash of 2008 began. If you have ever heard of people referring to the market bubble or that a bubble is going to pop, well this is without question the best way to spot when that bubble is ready to pop. Too often you will find people talk about the bubble but they have no clue when it will or if the bubble they are all afraid of will actually pop. Now you don’t have to wonder or guess anymore. With this Short Selling Secrets, you will know how to see the warning signs that tells you when the bubble actually pops. We have use this same signal to warn us right before the big drops in stocks such as Facebook, Apple, Nvidia, U.S. Oil, General Electric, and many more. Biggest takeaway, you will be able to confidently Identify and Prepare For The Next Market BUBBLE and Know When The Next Crash Is Beginning With ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY WITHOUT NEVER EVER GUESSING AGAIN.


  • Identifying Market Bottoms: The biggest fear most people have in the stock market is the fear of a crash. And understandably so, especially since most experts, media outlets and regular everyday working class talk about a bubble and a crash ALL THE TIME. But what you ALMOST NEVER hear of is when the crash or bubble is COMPLETELY OVER and the market is ready to start going back up again. By the time news of the bubble being over comes out, usually the market would have staged a huge recovery and by then it would have been too late. It is at this time when the market has ALREADY STAGE A MASSIVE COMEBACK that the talking heads start referencing the bottom. And by the time they acknowledge the bubble was over (in hindsight) they start all over again with comments about when the next crash or bubble will occur. This video shows you a very powerful strategy that will help you identify when the bubble or crash is over and the market has ACTUALLY HIT BOTTOM…not in hindsight or after it is too late. The best thing about being able to identify market bottoms is that you can now learn to see how to get into stocks that in the future will become the best performing stocks on the news media channels and outlets. That being said, there is a very common saying out there that you can’t time the market, this video is not about timing markets but about seeing when a stock has hit bottom and getting ready to go back up. We use charts and indicators to help us see this very clearly - NO GUESSING. We might not get in exactly at the bottom, but like we always say, you’ll get in close enough to the bottom. We have use this strategy to identify and trade the market bottoms of the SPX 500 since Feb 2016 as well as other notable stock bottoms such as AAPL, TWLO, MU, JNJ, AABA (formerly YHOO), CAT, NKE, AXP and many more. With this strategy there is no more looking back in hindsight wishing you were in a stock when it was cheaper. You’ll learn to see clear pattern every market bottom displays without guessing anymore.


  • Advanced IPO Stocks:  AT LAST! Discover the ground-breaking Chart Pattern that identifies IPO stocks ready to DOUBLE IN PRICE! The way we trade and teach IPO stocks is something that no one teaches PERIOD! We discovered and originated this strategy back in 2016; you will not find anyone teaching this concept like we do prior to 2016. This unique chart pattern has literally signaled winning IPO stocks like FB, AMZN, NFLX, TSLA and many more BEFORE their big run up with HUGE GAINS!  Most of these stocks have doubled, tripled, quadrupled and more in price since their IPO. We have used this same unique pattern to trade stocks such as RACE, GOOS, BABA, and continue to do so with new IPO stocks each and every month.


  • Advanced Candlesticks Topping Patterns: Learn how to tell the when a stock is topping out. This is a must for anyone who ends up making profits only to see it all go away because they did not know when the stock had hit the top. Also good for those who have a bad habit of buying at the top. After this you’ll clearly know when a stock is at the top and what to do.



  • Bouncing Stocks: This is the best strategy we use to generate weekly and monthly income from the stock market. It is the only strategy we know that shows you when to buy a stock, when to sell a stock, how much profit you will make and how long approximately it will take to make that profit – ALL AHEAD OF TIME! There is absolutely nothing else out there (that we know of) that can literally give you all this information before you even place the trade. With this strategy, you will be able to apply very simply steps to start making consistent weekly, and monthly money in the stock market just by knowing which stocks are ready to go up and how high they will go. The bouncing stock strategy takes away the biggest problem traders face – when to buy and when to sell. With the bouncing stock strategy, you will learn how to see this and plan your trading income literally ahead of time. This is a strategy that is so straight forward, easy to implement and simple enough for beginners and well as advanced traders. It is by far our favorite strategy because we can cherry pick which stocks we want to trade and know how much our account can grow within a short period of time. Most of our bouncing stock strategy last anywhere between 2 - 6 weeks. Once you understand this strategy and how to pick the right bouncing stocks for your trading goals it will change the way you trade and look at the stock market going forward.



  • Seasonality: Seasonality is when a stock is subjected to and influenced by recurring price moves during a certain period of the year. Seasonality has been around for years, but yet many traders do not understand how to truly capitalize from it. Take for instance, every month of February the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Now ask yourself this question: “What companies would benefit from Valentine’s Day?” If you answered flower companies, you are correct. Now let me ask you this next and important question: Did you invest or buy shares of companies like this past February? If not, why not? This is what we mean by “traders do not understand how to truly capitalize” on the seasonal moves of stocks. For the past 10 years, in every month of February, shares of have gone up between 15% and 50%. Each and every month there are multiple companies that have their best seasonal moves. The difference in our approach to seasonality is that we use our Right Side methods of chart reading analysis to improve the seasonality effect. In this video, we show you how to use charts to let you know when the stock is starting its seasonal move versus when it is not. So if the stock will not have a seasonal move this time around, we show you how to see that on the chart before it is too late. This is the biggest difference between our ways of trading seasonality from others. We also show you how we find them and how to use them to forecast your monthly and quarterly income ahead of time.