Right Side Program

Investing on the Right Side With Confidence

6 Weeks of Coaching

2 hour Online Sessions Once Per Week

Each Session Recorded

You'll walk away with:





An understanding of our quantitative H.A.R.P. model which incorporates fundamental analysis and technical analysis, all-in-one. 

An ability to assess, when a stock is beginning a new trend and how to manage your investment until the end of the trend while dealing with volatility along the way. 

The knowledge and tools to personally project quarter returns in good healthy stocks that meet predetermined criteria to achieve your investment goals and grow your portfolio 

Insights into early investing in strong companies that display institutional
accumulation many weeks ahead of the general public's

Module 1

In this module, you will understand how to recognize good healthy stocks that are currently trading at low attractive prices.  You will also understand how to minimize risk plus a good understanding of how to determine and project the stock’s profit potential.

Module 4

Learn how to profit from seasonal cycles in stocks. Find out when a stock's seasonal trend begins and whether or not you should trade or invest during the current seasonal cycle. You
will also learn how to stay invested until the seasonal trend ends and get out at the earliest sign of trouble.

Module 2

In-depth analysis focusing on market bottoms in stocks and the general market including Market Bottoms for each month (Also comes with a bonus case study video of Warren Buffett's top
investments entitled: "Buying Low At The Bottom: A Case Studies of Warren Buffett's Best Investments)

Module 5

Discover how to identify IPO stocks that become successful versus the ones that fail.  Learn the early signs and patterns that appeared in IPO stocks like Tesla, Netflix, Amazon and more. You will discover how to tell which IPOs is poised to
double, triple or more and which ones are bound to fail.  

Module 3

The P.A.T.H. to New All-Time Highs will show you how to implement the H.A.R.P. quantitative model to find, analyze, and buy stocks at low pre-all time high levels then manage them every week until the stock reaches New All-Time High levels.
This is our bread and butter investing strategy. 

Module 6

We help you set quarterly goals and create and investment plan that will help you select the right stocks suitable for accomplishing your goal. Learn how to set forward guidance for the next 2 quarters and focus only on the stocks with the
best chance of meeting or surpassing expectations. 

Right Side Platform is a quantitative data analysis platform for assessing. 
It is the market and stock analyzer for this Right Side Program

Your Program Director

Wally Olopade

Chief Technical Strategist, Right Side Trading

Wally is the #1 Top All-Time High producer and lead instructor of technical analysis at Right Side Trading.  A fintech entrepreneur with a background in accounting, financial statement analysis, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis, Wally has developed financial software that is incorporates fundamental, technical and quant analysis all-in-one.
He is an award-winning speaker and editor of the Right Side Report – America’s only financial report focusing solely on stocks rallying to New All-Time Highs.  He is also an international coach with students that span across globe, who accredit him for transforming their outlook and ability to properly analyze financial markets. 

A trading and investing program that sets you apart

This Right Side Trading Coaching Program is created to help you become a competent stock market analyst and
individual investor that can invest, manage and grow your own portfolio in any market condition. 

6 Week Program
2-Hour session once per week

Recordings available

1 Full year of access to the Right Side Platform (Software) and live webinars 

Access to all future group
coaching webinars

(Repeat as often as you want) 

P.A.T.H. to New All-Time Highs
using our proprietary 
quantitative H.A.R.P. model 

Technical Analysis For 

Candlesticks, Market Bottoms, 

Market Cycles, & IPO stocks 

Case studies of Bear Markets,
Bull Market Beginnings, and
Warren Buffet Investments

And if additional help is needed after the 6 weeks sessions, we will provide 2 more weeks at no cost. 


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Trading IPOs

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Bear Market

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Market Bottoms

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