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Founded in 2013 with the focus on improving on its core principles that non-professional traders without any prior financial  knowledge can learn and apply simple trading strategies to navigate the stock market successfully.

Our process

Whether it is long term wealth or weekly or monthly income generation, learn how to use the appropriate tools to get consistent and predictable results from your trading every month without guessing, hoping or wishing. 

Our obligation

We emphasize on the development of your trading skills and trading career. So even if you have never traded before or if you have been trading for years, we work to make sure that you can achieve your financial goals.

We have developed some trading strategies over the years that is great for generating monthly income. These strategies can be used to generate extra income, replace income from a job and more. Whether you are trying to save up for a vacation, or you need extra cash to pay bills these income generating strategies are the solutions you need

Fully realize you and your family’s specific goals and vision with our most consistent wealth building strategy, resources and support. As market volatility changes, having a trading strategy that keeps on growing is important. Equally important, we share our technical knowledge and trading experience with your as ongoing support so you are not alone

Whether you are reaching retirement age, already in retirement, or not even close to retiring, you can start planning for your golden years by some trading strategies that are very effective to building wealth and continuing to keep those checks coming in when the paycheck stops.  It is never too early nor too late to start this process


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Disclaimer:  Trading is not a hobby, it is a BUSINESS, it’s work, hard work and not for everyone.  We have trained our students through the mental toughness, doubts, fears, skepticism, greed, disappointments and challenges it takes to find success.  Your trading goals, risk tolerance and mindset is different from everyone else.   Therefore your results will be different and that's a fact.  If you are looking for the “get rich quick” or “lazy and easy money” we cannot help you, go somewhere else.   We are not licensed or registered financial advisers… READ MORE

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