You're a trader. An investor. 

A professional. Looking to retire. 

An income-seeker...

and you desire to build wealth through the stock market but not knowing how is very frustrating, or worst yet, you keep losing money and are beginning to think it's not going to work out for you as you thought it would.

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to KNOW EXACTLY which stocks to trade?  And wouldn't it even be better if you knew the amount of profits these stocks can give? 

What if you can know all of this ahead of time?  And what if you can also plan which stocks to trade not just today or tomorrow, but as far out as 1-3 months from today? 

If you have been losing money in trading following the experts, wasting time in chat rooms, gave up hope with trading strategies that hasn’t produced results you want...

We can help.

If you want to take your trading to the next level, get the trading results you desire, work less, consistently make profitable trades every month on demand, we can help

We have a completely different model that will TRANSFORM the way you trade... 

It's not difficult, it's just different.  Something most people miss or ignore completely.

Right Side Trading is different.

Our approach to making money in the stock market, with more profitable trades  and doing it consistently is completely different from what you will find out there in eBooks, chat rooms, webinars or anywhere else that are quite frankly not getting you the results.

We teach our students a very simple and yet very effective process to generating trading income at will and even how to plan to anticipate their income in advance.  

They learn how to scale their trading profits and income up or down based on not what the market can do, will do, or is doing, but on what their personal income projection and goal for the month, quarter or year is.  

That is exactly how we are helping people grow their trading portfolio and really accomplish the financial goals they set for themselves.

Transform Your Trading.

This is a revolutionary way of transforming your trading and finding success in the stock market today. And the best part is it doesn't matter if you are new to trading or a seasoned trader.  It does not matter whether you trade Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options or Cryptocurrencies the process is the same.

Find out more about our proven system that is successfully helping people have a Transformational trading experience. 

I promise it will be the most rewarding 60 minutes you have ever spent working on your trading career and goals.

These people are extraordinary.  They worked very, very hard.  If you want to get results like theirs, you have to do the same.


Welcome to Right Side Trading.

Trade on the Right Side With Confidence

Wally Olopade


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Disclaimer:  Trading is not a hobby, it is a BUSINESS, it’s work, hard work and not for everyone.  We have trained our students through the mental toughness, doubts, fears, skepticism, greed, disappointments and challenges it takes to find success.  Your trading goals, risk tolerance and mindset is different from everyone else.   Therefore your results will be different and that's a fact.  If you are looking for the “get rich quick” or “lazy and easy money” we cannot help you, go somewhere else.   We are not licensed or registered financial advisers… READ MORE

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